Petmate Cat Litter Pan Liners (3 sizes)



Petmate® Litter Pan Liners, are disposable plastic liners that make cleanup of your cat's litter pan a snap. Their dependable construction is tear-resistant and keeps waste from caking to the inside walls of your cat's litter pan box while allowing you to carry out large loads of litter.

Spread liner over litter pan so that it overhangs rim on all sides. Press center of liner down to the bottom of the pan, and smooth outward. Fill the pan and liner with litter according to package directions. Sift out solid waste daily. To remove litter simply lift the liner from all sides, gather above the pan, and tie.


  • Helps make cleaning your cat's litter box pain and hassle-free
  • Essential for keeping a bacteria-free environment for your pet
  • Prevents clumps from sticking to the bottom of the pan
  • Replaceable liners keep the mess in one place
  • Perfect for all litter box types